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With this words I say everything. Thanks to her I have custody of my daughter and my daughter is now happy and safe. Thanks lawyer Gamino!

Terry B

Michelle is the most responsible, and outstanding attorney. She would always respond on time and take time to explain. I would definitely recommend her and I will absolutely will return to her in future if I would need it again.


Misty is a great attorney. She handled everything with great professionalism and was also very welcoming. She explains things thoroughly and answered all my questions in full detail. She never made me feel as though I’ve asked too much. She handled my case in a matter of months unlike my previous lawyers who never even kept in contact with me. we settled our case and it worked in favor of both parties. She looks out for whats absolutely the best and is very very honest about the possible outcomes. She’s an excellent choice of attorney and I’m glad I went with her.

Satisfied Customer

Misty is phenomenal at her job. She is timely, smart, proficient, and caring all while maintaining her professionalism. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.


I want to thank miss. Gamino for the help she and her team of work provide in my case of paternity rights. she was very helpful and comprehensive with my worries and concern, she is very profesional and responsible for her work.


Misty was professional and thorough. She managed to be both patient and caring without being overly involved or opinionated. She made sure I understood exactly what was going on and the options I had. Most importantly she looked out for the best interest of my child and therefore myself. I highly recommend her services.


Michelle was tasked with completing the details of my MSA. She prioritized the issues and with great effort resolved them. Under withering assaults from the opposing side, she proceeded with integrity, professionalism and brilliant responses. In the end, there was AN END.

I am so grateful. Thank you doesn’t seem proper acknowledgment, but thank you.

Satisfied Client

Misty Gamino was very caring about my case, she answered every question I had regarding the process, and took her time to explain and give me advice. Thanks to her effort I have a lot more time with my daughter.

Satisfied Client

Ms. Gamino did a great job on my case. She was tough in court and got me more time with my son. I was nervous about making the call and getting a lawyer, but I'm really glad I did and I'm glad Ms. Gamino worked my case. She returned my calls quickly and made me feel like I should have tried to exercise my rights as a father much sooner than I did. Thank you Ms. Gamino!

Satisfied Client

Ms. Gamino knew exactly what I needed and what she had to do to bring my case to a successful close. I don't know what I would have done without her!

Satisfied Customer

Over the years, I've had the privilege of being represented by Michelle, an attorney whose expertise and dedication have been a cornerstone in my legal battles.

Initially, Michelle helped me through a grueling three-year legal fight, culminating in a successful relocation with my son to Florida in 2020. Her strategic planning, especially in crafting a parenting plan and supervised visitation schedule, has been instrumental in preempting issues with an uncooperative ex.

Michelle's knowledge of family law is unparalleled. From securing a no-contact agreement after filing a restraining order against my ex to coordinating with my son's GAL, her approach has always been clear, concise, and realistic. She doesn't just offer legal counsel; she supported me in all aspects of this emotional rollercoaster as a rare blend of counselor, therapist, friend, and confidant.

In December 2022, Michelle's exceptional skills shone through again when I needed a passport for my son for international travel. Despite the time constraints and holiday season, she swiftly obtained a court order, allowing me to apply for the passport independently.

Her ability to recall case details, even after years, and provide clear expectations about processes and outcomes is remarkable. Her rates are reasonable, and she consistently keeps costs in mind, a testament to her fair and client-focused practice.

The trust I have in Michelle's capabilities is such that I chose to retain the legal jurisdiction of my son's case in Chicago, despite relocating to Florida.

For anyone navigating the complexities of family law, especially in dealing with controlling ex-partners, Michelle is not just an attorney but a lifeline.

I am profoundly grateful for her support over the years and highly recommend her to anyone unfortunate enough to need her services.

Brendan Dite

Michelle Cassidy provided much needed support and assurance during a different time in my life. She is excellent at explaining how the legal process works and laying out the estimated timeline to get through a separation.


Amazing Attorney!

Michelle was such an awesome and wonderful attorney. She made such an ugly divorce that was quite scary to face, to such an easy and comforting divorce step by step. She promised me that as time went on and throughout the divorce I would feel empowered and stronger. That is exactly how I felt. She is very knowledgable professional and firm when need to be. She is a great listener and explains all my options well so i can make the best decisions. I am very grateful that her firm was recommended to me. If you want the BEST family law attorney Michelle Cassidy should be it. She was priced fairly and did not charge for every email. Im sure I was quite a pain in the butt with my questions and concerns. She is the most patient person I know and I am so glad she was there for me in the most worst time of my life. Michelle is number 1....


Parenting time and owed financials from other parent.

I was referred to her by a coworker who told me that "Michele is the best thing that ever happened to me and my son." Honestly, Michelle is incredible. From the first consult, Michelle was honest and did not sugar coat potential outcomes. We identified my goals for my daughter and during this terrible 3 year process, she always kept that in mind. She brought up new ideas, talked through different strategies and the pros and cons, risks and rewards of all of them.

She charged fairly and was on top of things, even when I wasn't. She did not fluff bills like the gal did. One of the status dates the gal was there for maybe 5 minutes. The gal charged a full hour. At no point did I ever feel that Michelle was doing that. She was very conscientious of finances for me, as I was a single mother who was owed thousands during this time. Michelle would call immediately after court and talk through things and did an unbelievable job of putting things in perspective for me. There were times I thought she should have a law degree and therapist degree! She is just thorough, thoughtful, compassionate, and faught very hard for the best interest of my daughter. The judges can be wild cards and sometimes lack just basic common sense, but she always, always prepared me for what could happen.

Her communication is excellent. For parents who care about the child involved, this is a very high stress emotional situation and her level headed, direct, yet compassionate approach was perfect. I would recommend her to anyone.


We got it done.

Michelle is organized, thoughtful, and punctual. We had a tight timeline to draft and sign a prenup and Michelle made it easy. She demonstrated her legal expertise by making some solid recommendations to include certain provisions in the document and helped forge the way to find common ground with my significant other. We finished everything we needed to before the deadline and her price was fair. You would be in good hands with Michelle believe me as I spoke to over 10 other Chicago based lawyers.

Satisfied Client

Michelle is fantastic!

Michelle was exactly the lawyer I needed. She was kind, efficient, fair, and made an unpleasant process as easy as possible. She has very strong communication skills and always got back to me in a timely manner. Her fees were transparent and reasonable, and I never felt like she was overcharging for services. Above all, I felt like I had a strong advocate on my side throughout the process. She helped me achieve my goals in the divorce to set me up for success in my next chapter. She also helped me maintain my humor and sanity, and I'll always be grateful that she was my legal guide. I absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone facing divorce.


Excellent, trustworthy, and fair attorney.

When I hired Michelle as my attorney, my divorce seemed like it was going to be amicable and kind of a slam dunk case. Her rates were reasonable and I felt confident after speaking with her that she would be extremely capable. Things got very ugly after a short time. My ex and I had a young child and while I was only asking for 50/50 parenting time, his mother was not okay with that. She also seemed to be developing some mental health issues. We had run ins with police and dcfs. My son was thrown out of 2 day cares due to his mother's behavior and at one point she was not allowed to see our son for a six month period. Michelle always came through with what I needed, presenting me with all my options, letting me know the risks and possible costs, sometimes being the voice of reason when things got emotional and presented my case before the judge with confidence, poise, and intelligence. I always felt she charged me reasonable rates and sometimes didn't charge me at all when my ex would send her excessive emails that she had to read. She was my attorney for about 3 years and I was never once unhappy with her services. I highly recommend and would use her in the future if I felt I needed her services.


Best family attorney ever!

Michelle came highly recommended by a lawyer friend at my most difficult time of life. I was lucky to have Michelle help me navigate through the difficult and complicated legal processes from an no-contact agreement after I filed a restraining order against my ex, to cooperating with my son's guardian at litem to arrange supervised visitations, to the final relocation settlement/ custody/ parenting plan (Allocation judgement) and child support of my child. She has provided sound counsel from the very first meeting. Her knowledge of the family law is amazing. She outlines strategies / options in clear and conscience manner with realistic expectations while keeping me apprised of all the details throughout the stages. She is organized, thoughtful, supportive, and compassionate. No detail is too small for her. She listens to my all concerns then kept me focused on the important things. She is tough in her legal approach when necessary. She always has your best interest in mind. She is also extremely accessible (more so then I ever expected). She is a lawyer, counsellor, therapist, friend, and confidant all in one. I could not have survived the last 2 years without her and is so grateful to have her as my attorney. Thanks to her confidence and legal expertise, my child and I were finally able to successfully relocate out of state to be with my family. I trust her so much that I decided to keep my child's case jurisdiction in Chicago should future dispute occurs because I want to retain her services. You will not regret hiring Michelle should you find yourself lucky enough that she is willing to fight for you.

Satisfied Client

What could have been a very troubling time in my life was easy and painless thanks to Ms. Gamino’s demeanor and legal expertise. She worked quickly and efficiently to finalize my divorce, and it’s apparent that she really cares about her clients! I’m so thankful that I had Ms. Gamino by my side in court. She made me feel comfortable and confident.


Reliable attorney with great communication skills

Michelle proved to be an excellent attorney. She engaged in honest and frequent communication with me. I especially appreciated the fact that I felt she listened to my concerns and provided me with great guidance and advice, which was exactly what I needed. My case involved child support and custody issue, and I am extremely happy with the outcome of case.


Michelle was very professional and friendly from the first consultation. As time went on with the case she was very informative, communicative and transparent about everything that was going on with the case. I had a case where other lawyers told me I didn’t have many options, she was optimistic and came through with big victories for me. I would recommend her to anyone, a GREAT LAWYER.

Satisfied Client

Had the pleasure of working with Michelle on my divorce case. She and her team do great work. Michelle is highly responsive and truly listens and cares for her clients. No hesitation in recommending to anyone looking for a great lawyer!

Satisfied Client

A friend of mine referred me to Ms. Cass’ expertise. I consulted with her 2 years before I hired her as my attorney. The consultation provided a lot of insight on how I should proceed and when I was ready to move on, I retained her as my lawyer.

We discussed my objectives. I wanted a quick settlement with fair outcomes for both parties and a lot of focus on my children’s welfare. She was clear about that and executed exactly as such.

All throughout the process, Michelle was responsive, communicative and professional. She was also friendly in the right amount. There were times I really appreciated that.

On top of that, Michelle bills in a cost effective way. She would use email as the primary means of communication and would only engage in phone calls or a face to face meeting if absolutely necessary.

Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with Michelle and the outcome of my case. I will definitely continue to use her expertise, if needed in the future.


I hired Michelle to assist me on a prenuptial matter. She is professional, friendly, responsive, hard-working, has a strong knowledge of the law and produces high quality work. She was a delight to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Highly Recommend


There are few things in life more stressful than a high conflict custody case. I found myself in a very unique and unfortunate position where my son's father, who had been absent a good portion of his life, challenged me for custody, and tried to take back consent to relocate 4 months AFTER I had already moved.

I do not know where we would be today without Michelle, and the idea scares me a little. Michelle fought for my family tooth and nail. There were stressful nights where I know we both lost sleep because that's how much she cares. There were plenty of tearful moments in court that she was quick to offer a hug. Besides being a compassionate human being, she is an amazingly smart woman. She had every detail of my case memorized, you could feel that this isn't job a job for her, this is her passion in life. She was always overly prepared for court with her multiple boxes of documents for my case. I always left feeling that she put it all out there and gave her best effort. Michelle was always very quick to reply to any concerns or questions I had, and she also went the extra mile by really taking the time to get to know me. I always felt like she was only a phone call or email away, and this gave me great comfort. After months of her hard work we were able to settle my case, it brings me much joy to tell you that my son remains with me full time, we did not have to move back, and I am now receiving support from the child's father. Michelle was very conscience of court costs, and legal fees. She tried to minimize these for me the best she could by settling instead of going to trail and by having paralegals do some tasks when appropriate since their hourly rate is significantly less. I'm hoping that my days in court are long gone, but if I should ever need legal representation again, I will not hesitate to call Michelle. When you go through hell with someone it creates a bond. Michelle is not just my lawyer, she will always be a dear friend to me.


Michelle exceeded my expectations in the handling of my pre-nuptial agreement. She was diligent and detail oriented in isolating and negotiating the points most important to my circumstances. Not a cookie cutter approach. She is graceful, professional and personable; a rare combination. I hired her after firing my previous counsel and she picked up the pieces effortlessly. I immediately, and throughout the negotiation, felt exceptionally well represented. would hire again in a heartbeat.


Dedicated, compassionate and one to watch. Attorney Michelle Cass was assigned my very difficult case after other attorneys encouraged me to settle. She was always available and quickly understood the nuances of my removal petition against a very unreasonable and obstinate opposing parent. At times the odds were very much stacked against me on all fronts, but Michelle never waivered in her dedication and collaboratively worked with me to develop an aggressive and effective course of action. She was always honest and realistic in her approach and offered sound advice. She is tough and one opposing counsel should watch out for. I am sure I and the legal community will hear more good things about Michelle in the future. I will happily recommend her and will work with her again if needed.

Satisfied Client

Attorney Cass was excellent with my case! I had a long standing child support case with a very non cooperative opposing parent. She listened to what I wanted, reviewed the history of the case and created a way to document and reconcile payments that would be easy for the judge to understand and thereby strengthen my case for my back support payments.

While it court, it appeared we were being ignored and not heard. Attorney Cass spoke up to ensure that our position was heard and we received equal representation. My personal outcome was not completely what I would've liked but she worked hard to make sure I received a favorable judgment and a better outcome than what I may have received without her.

I'd use her again and again!!

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