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Mediation is one of the most powerful alternative dispute resolution strategies for spouses going through divorce or parents who need to create a parenting plan. While it can be a very reliable solution for spouses whose divorce is amicable, it can be surprisingly effective for spouses or parents who are in conflict as well. During the mediation process, it is important to be represented by an experienced family law attorney. While a mediator can help you identify compromises, your attorney can protect your legal rights throughout the decision-making process.

CG Law LLC is experienced in helping spouses who are getting divorced and separated co-parents use mediation to find resolutions that work for everyone involved. We take a highly individualized approach to each case, taking the time to understand your personal needs and priorities. Our law firm will work to ensure that your voice is heard during mediation and that your needs will be met after the case concludes.

Benefits of Mediation in Family Law Cases

Using mediation to avoid contesting your case in court offers a lot of valuable benefits, including:

  • Lower cost - You will likely save a significant amount of money by choosing mediation over litigation. Court costs and fees, as well as costs associated with gathering evidence, can be high enough to negate any assets gained through litigation.
  • Protecting children - When child custody issues are litigated, it can be hard on the children involved. They may be interviewed by a Guardian ad Litem or Child Representative and may in general be exposed to more conflict between parents who are litigating. When parents work together to do what is best for their children, they may feel more secure in the decisions made.
  • Faster resolution - It generally takes less time for two parties to draft a parenting plan or divorce agreement than for a court to hear all the evidence and make a final determination at trial.
  • Flexibility - Spouses or parents can find innovative solutions to challenging issues, like equitably dividing complex assets. During litigation, the court may use more standardized solutions that might not work as well for your family.

Mediation During an Amicable Divorce

When spouses or co-parents have an amicable relationship, mediators often prefer to bring the parties together for mediation. You, your attorney, your spouse, and your spouse's attorney may all meet with the mediator together. This type of mediation often can resolve the issues quickly and lead to the entry of a divorce decree or a parenting plan that can take effect right away.

Mediation in High-Conflict Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Even if you and your spouse know that a face-to-face meeting would be unproductive and unpleasant, mediation may still be an option. Some types of mediation can be carried out without you and your spouse or co-parent ever needing to see each other. The mediator may conduct sessions virtually, keeping you in separate video streams, or you may both come to the mediator's office but sit in separate rooms with your respective lawyers. The mediator can be the one to move back and forth, relaying suggestions and compromise offers.

Tips for Making Mediation Work

Mediation works for most parties who follow these guidelines:

  • Be fair - Even if you are upset with your spouse, keep in mind that the arrangement must be legally fair to them as well.
  • Keep an open mind - Innovative solutions you may not have thought of may work very well in your situation.
  • Prepare to compromise - Take the time to decide what your top priorities are and be prepared to compromise on other issues.
  • Avoid arguing about the past - While your spouse may have done a lot wrong during the marriage, what matters right now is your future.

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CG Law LLC can help give you and your spouse or co-parent the best chances of succeeding in mediation. Our experienced DuPage County divorce and child custody attorneys will do all we can to help you find the resolution that is best for you and your children. Contact us at 312-884-9012 for a complimentary consultation.

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