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Going through a divorce is rarely easy. Whether you and your spouse are amicable or upset and hurt, the divorce process can be emotionally trying. You may also experience some financial strain as you divide your assets and establish separate households. It is essential to be represented by an experienced and compassionate attorney who will protect your rights and interests throughout your case.

CG Law LLC takes on divorce cases with confidence. Our attorneys will do all we can to ensure that your divorce decree is beneficial to you. We will work to protect your property and your relationship with your children alike. We will take the time to understand your needs, worries, and interests so that we can work towards the best resolution possible.

Ways to Get Divorced in Illinois

During your divorce, you generally have two options—you can go to trial, or you can use alternative dispute resolution processes such as collaborative divorce to settle your case out of court. In our many years of practicing family law, we have witnessed many spouses try mediation or attorney-led negotiation and successfully reach divorce agreements. This method can be faster, less costly, and less stressful than trial.

Trying a divorce in court can mean that very personal matters, like your finances, lifestyle, and mental health, may become evidence. However, some people have little choice but to go to trial. If your spouse refuses to cooperate with a collaborative divorce or has been abusive, you may need the court to make decisions so you get a fair outcome.

Dividing Marital Assets

Identifying your marital and separate property is a critical step in dividing your assets. Your pre-marital property will likely maintain that classification unless you contributed those assets to the marriage. Similarly, any property you inherited or were gifted during the marriage marriage may ultimately be determined to be your non-marital property.

Illinois law dictates that marital property should be divided in a fair and equitable manner. Factors like each spouse's contributions—including non-economic contributions, like staying home to raise children—and each spouse's financial position should be considered.

Making a Parenting Plan

Parents who separate in divorce or address matters related to the allocation of parental rights must have a parenting plan. This plan covers both parenting time and the allocation of parental responsibilities. Parenting time used to be called physical custody, because it represents the time each parent spends with their child. Parental responsibilities involve the right and duty to make significant decisions on behalf of the child.

Addressing Spousal Support

Spousal support may be needed in cases where one spouse cannot fully address their needs and maintain the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage without support from the other spouse. The length of your marriage is an important factor. Maintenance may be temporary, needed only while one spouse seeks education or job training. Indefinite maintenance may be awarded in marriages in excess of 20 years at the time of divorce filing, or it may be awarded for the same length as a couple's marriage.

Addressing Concerns Related to Child Support

Both parents have a duty to support a child. Child support is based on factors like the income of each parent, parenting time, and the particular needs of the child.

Modifying a Divorce Decree Based on a Change in Circumstance

Circumstances can change after a divorce decree is finalized. If either you or your former spouse have had a significant change in circumstances, especially one that renders your current arrangement impracticable, you may be able to successfully request a modification of the court's orders to reflect your life changes. For example, if you lose a job, want to relocate, or are exercising different parenting time than that detailed in your agreement, these circumstances may be grounds for a modification.

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