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Alternative dispute resolution is a popular way to settle family law cases like divorce and parenting plan creation. People who wish to avoid litigation can choose between several different strategies to resolve their cases out of court, saving time, money, and stress. Children can also benefit enormously when their parents are able to work together to decide what is best for them instead of battling in front of a judge. If you would like to use mediation or negotiation to create a parenting plan or divorce agreement, you should be represented by a DuPage County and Cook County family law attorney who can protect your legal rights during the process.

CG Law LLC is experienced in helping people involved in family law cases reach innovative and individualized agreements through alternative dispute resolution. We develop creative solutions to complex issues, like dividing unique assets in a high-net-worth marriage and finding parenting time solutions for parents who are planning to move to new locations. Our skilled divorce attorneys will help to protect your priorities and seek effective compromises during mediation or negotiation.

Creating a Parenting Plan Through Mediation

Going to court and having to answer a judge's questions can be frightening for young children and stressful for older children. Parents can protect their children from the conflict involved in their case by working together to create a parenting plan and allocate decision-making responsibilities.

Parents who choose mediation or attorney-led negotiation will need to consider the best interests of their children. Making a parenting plan involves realistically considering the logistics of moving a child back and forth between their households while maintaining continuity in the child's education and meeting the child's other needs. You may need to consider each parent's work schedule, as well as the individual needs of your child.

A mediator and your attorney can lead you through a series of questions you will need to answer and factors you should consider when making decisions.

Making a Divorce Agreement in Mediation or Through Negotiation

While most spouses who are amicable can use classic mediation strategies that involve working cooperatively, those who are in conflict can also take advantage of alternative dispute resolution. There are other mediation techniques that can allow you to divide your marital assets or address other issues outside of court without having to see or talk to your spouse directly.

One option may be virtual mediation. The mediator can keep you and your attorney in a separate virtual room, where your spouse cannot see or hear you. This style of mediation can also be carried out in person by placing each party in a separate room while the mediator physically walks back and forth.

For those who find mediation unproductive or undesirable, attorney-facilitated negotiation is an option. Your attorneys can negotiate with each other and suggest potential solutions based on your individual priorities. Each attorney will then speak with their own client to seek approval for proposed solutions or develop new parameters for negotiation.

Will Alternative Dispute Resolution Work for Us?

Whether you and your spouse feel able to sit down together with a mediator or not, our lawyers can help you find an alternative dispute resolution strategy that is likely to work for you. Remember that there is little to lose in attempting alternative dispute resolution, and if you cannot agree on a resolution, you always have the option of proceeding to litigation. However, in our 20 years of combined experience, we have found that the vast majority of people who set out to create a parenting plan or divorce agreement can succeed.

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CG Law LLC is skilled in helping parents who are splitting up and spouses who are getting divorced resolve their cases without court intervention. Our dedicated women-owned family law firm will work with you to find a collaborative divorce or child custody strategy that will work for you. Contact us at 312-884-9012 for a complimentary consultation.

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