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Family law decisions can affect the most personal aspects of your life. Divorce can give you a fresh start in life as a single adult and free you from an unhappy marriage, but the process can be stressful. A child custody case can have a similar impact—separating from the other parent can give you the freedom to parent on your own terms, but it likely means that your child will divide their time between both households. Filing a paternity case or adopting a child can make you a parent for the first time or grow your family. If you are going through any of these family law issues, you need an experienced and understanding attorney.

CG Law LLC approaches family law cases strategically and with great compassion for our clients. We will take the time to fully understand what you want and need from your case so that we can take whatever steps will be in your best interests. Our women-owned law firm focuses exclusively on family law cases so that we can best care for our clients. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in each type of family law case we handle.

Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Serving the Greater Chicago Area

Divorce is a very common legal procedure. We frequently recommend collaborative divorce, and mediation is generally more private, faster, and less expensive than a trial. Most spouses can succeed in creating a divorce agreement with the support of a skilled attorney.

Dividing Marital Property During Divorce

In Illinois, marital property is to be divided in a fair and equitable manner. Factors that should be considered include each spouse's financial or non-economic contributions to the marriage, each spouse's financial position, and how long the parties were married. We will help you negotiate a fair arrangement that allows you to maintain your lifestyle as closely as possible.

If you were a stay-at-home parent or homemaker and would have trouble re-entering the workforce immediately, we will work to ensure that you can receive the spousal support you need.

Creating a Parenting Plan

If you are separating from or divorcing your child's other parent, you will need a parenting plan. A parenting plan addresses both parenting time and the allocation of parental responsibilities. Parenting time is the time you actually spend caring for your child. Parental responsibilities include the duty to make parental decisions on your child's behalf. Joint custody arrangements are by far the most common result.

Establishing Your Child's Legal Parent

Establishing paternity is step one if you are a parent wanting to pursue child support or a parent seeking to spend time with your child. You can establish paternity easily if both parents agree to sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity. Otherwise, we can help you open a court case. A court has the power to force a DNA test or declare a person to be a child's legal parent if they fail to appear in court.

Post Judgement Enforcement and Modification

After you get divorced or establish a parenting plan, your circumstances might change, or you might find that the other party is not honoring the court orders you have.

A modification to a parenting plan or divorce decree can be granted if one party's circumstances have changed. For example, if a party paying spousal support loses a job, or if a child develops new special needs, these changes may be grounds for a modification.

If the other party refuses to follow court orders, such as by not dropping off your child when you had parenting time, a lawyer can take steps to enforce the orders. Your former spouse or co-parent could face serious consequences, including wage garnishment or arrest if he or she does not comply.

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