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Our attorneys work hard to take the stress out of a family law case. We understand that the uncertainty associated with divorce, paternity, or child custody can be upsetting for everyone involved. We take a strategic and compassionate approach to these cases. In some cases, we may recommend collaborative divorce or mediation. Our extensive experience has shown us that alternative dispute resolution can allow families to maintain more privacy and decrease the level of conflict associated with litigation.

We will talk with you to help us understand your personal situation and circumstances so that we can work towards doing what is best for you and your family. Our lawyers care deeply about the families we serve, and we are dedicated to meeting your needs.

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Our firm is exclusively dedicated to family law. We focus on serving families, and we are highly knowledgeable in each type of family law case we handle. If you are getting divorced and have complex assets to divide, we can use innovative strategies to accomplish a division that benefits you. We can work with unmarried parents to create the right parenting plan out of court in most cases, avoiding the difficulty of a trial. If you have concerns about paternity, we will address your case with compassion and understanding.


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We understand the needs of people who are going through issues like divorce, child custody disputes, and paternity cases. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of parents and their children who are facing family law disputes. We are experienced in helping people who gave up their careers to become stay-at-home parents receive a fair division of marital assets and obtain the spousal support they are entitled to. We can guide clients on how to make sure their contributions, economic or otherwise, will be recognized.

We are committed to protecting the rights of parents in family law cases. We can help ensure that legal relationships between parents and children are established correctly while working to ensure that our clients have the parenting time they need to bond with their children. Mediation can help parents create a plan for co-parenting that fairly addresses issues like decision-making responsibility and child support.

While we focus on resolving family law issues out of court, we also provide effective representation during litigation. We offer comprehensive support, and we take a highly strategic and compassionate approach to contested cases.


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Family Law

Family law cases can be life-changing. Divorce encompasses everything from dividing your marital assets to establishing child support and parenting time. Child custody and parentage cases impact the relationship you share with your children. Your right to make decisions on your child's behalf and the amount of time you spend with him or her is likely to change. We carefully work to resolve these issues out of court wherever possible. Strategies like mediation or negotiation can help you resolve these issues with our guidance.

Child Custody

Child Custody

Few cases tug at the heartstrings like child custody cases. Parents are often fearful when they divorce or split up. You may be worried about what the other parent will say, or you may have concerns about gender bias in your parenting time dispute. Our lawyers will do all we can to protect your relationship with your child and maximize your parenting time. We will also strive to help you maintain the right to make important decisions about your child's upbringing.

Child Support

Child Support

In Illinois, both parents have a legal duty to meet their child's needs financially. The cost of raising a child can be too much for a single parent to manage alone. Generally, the parent who has more parenting time may be entitled to collect child support. In some cases, paternity may need to be established before child support orders are put in place. Our attorneys can make sure child support is calculated correctly based on the parents' incomes and parenting time schedules.



Either parent can file a paternity case in Illinois. One parent may need to establish a biological relationship between a child and the other parent so that they can enforce child support or a parenting plan. A parent who wants to start spending time with their child may also initiate a parentage case so that they can work towards establishing a parenting plan addressing parenting time and significant decision-making. Our lawyers can help parents start paternity cases with or without the other parent's cooperation.



After a family law case is concluded, it may be necessary to address issues related to the orders put in place by the court. If a family experiences significant changes, modifications to a parenting plan or financial support order can be requested. If an ex-spouse or parent does not meet their legal obligations, action may be taken to enforce the court's orders. Our attorneys can provide representation to ensure that post-judgment issues will be addressed correctly.

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