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Getting a final divorce decree or having a judge certify your divorce agreement should be the end of the matter. Unfortunately, circumstances can change after you get divorced or finalize a parenting plan. There is also a possibility that your ex-spouse or co-parent will not follow the court's orders. If you have court orders regarding parenting time, marital property division, child support, or maintenance that your former partner is refusing to respect, an attorney can help you take action to enforce your court orders. If your life has changed, and you need a modification, we can work toward changing a court order that is no longer working.

CG Law LLC is a women-owned law firm dedicated to helping people who are facing new challenges after their family law cases have concluded. We understand that circumstances can change very quickly after a divorce, and we will strive to have your divorce decree or parenting plan changed to meet your new needs. If the problem is that your former spouse or co-parent is not following the court's orders, we will help you act swiftly to force compliance.

Modifying a Divorce Decree or Parenting Plan

In Illinois, you can request a modification to your parenting plan or divorce decree based on a substantial change in circumstances. Types of modifications you can ask for include:

  • Stopping spousal support - Requests for modifications to spousal support are common. If either spouse's financial circumstances have significantly changed, or if the recipient has remarried or moved in with a new partner, a modification to spousal support will likely be granted.
  • Child support - Child support can be modified in some cases. This is common if the payor has lost their job or if the needs of the child have changed.
  • Parenting time - Parenting time arrangements can be modified based on a substantial change of circumstances or if a change is in the child's best interests. If one parent has become less able to care for the child properly, such as if they have developed a substance use disorder or moved in with a partner who is unsafe for the child to be around, a modification can be granted.
  • Relocation with a child - If one parent is moving away, a modification to the parenting plan will likely be necessary.

Post-Judgment Enforcement

It can be frustrating when your ex-spouse or co-parent refuses to follow the court's orders or comply with the agreement you made through mediation. Common violations and what an attorney can do about them include:

  • Denying parenting time - Parents may reasonably become worried when their co-parent fails to appear for a custody exchange. Courts take it very seriously when a parent does not comply with a child custody order. Your attorney may be able to get you make-up time or even change the parenting time arrangement.
  • Not paying child support - Parents who fail to pay child support can face serious consequences, ranging from wage garnishment to arrests for contempt of court.
  • Not paying spousal support - This is a fairly common issue. Alimony can be enforced in a manner similar to how child support may be enforced.
  • Not turning over marital property allocated to you - If you were granted certain marital property in your divorce, and your spouse has failed to turn it over to you, your attorney can file a motion to enforce the order. Your spouse could be held in contempt if they fail to comply.
  • Unauthorized decision-making - If you were given the parental responsibility of making certain decisions about your child, and the other parent chooses to make those decisions alone, this may be a violation of your court-ordered parenting plan. For example, if you are in charge of making healthcare decisions, and the other parent had an elective medical procedure done without consulting you, you may need to take steps to address this violation and prevent issues like this from occurring in the future.

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